Dear friends,

the web pages you are just visiting want to introduce and to bring you closer to Blessed Hroznata, the notable person of the Czech history in West Bohemia.

This man living at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries was and still is the light of Teplá area He is a protector of political prisoners. From the time of composing of his first biography (Vita fratris Hroznatae) the events of his life speaks to us, the life, which was rich as to unexpected turns and which calls us to reflecting upon. Hroznatas' faithfulness to the promises, he had made during his life (The Marriage covenant, The Oath of Cross and The Order vows) can be for us a mirror showing to us the faithfulness and truthfulness of our word.

We believe everyone of you who has visited these pages will be enriched by the light of Christ's love which was the source of life also in case of our Blessed Hroznata.

Thinking of you in our prayers

The Norbertine brothers of Teplá